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MAteria Prima

This album was driven by the desire of finding little piano pieces that feel like the work of an alchemist, starting from the primordial essence, first matter, forging shapes and creatures that symbolize the advancement of the human being in their spiritual path.

To deepen this connective symbol, the piano is sometimes played at the center of a circle composed by 2 violas, a bass flute, and a double bass, forming a Quincunx, the crucible of enlightenment.

Materia Prima is available now.

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Leo is attracted by mystery and by what painters call “penumbra”.

A place in between, where darkness takes on the ambition of becoming light.

He loves the idea of creating music for encoding and amplifying the beauty of the mystery of life.

Within his mainly acoustic sonic environment, The electronic element is subtle and mostly seen as sound design, a door for some acoustic instruments to expand or manifest in a slightly offset way.

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Film Composer

Composing is one Leo's main passions. The scoring to media and images is the marriage of the realms of sight and sound, whether it’s for film or for the works of a visual artist. 
Leo has a strong and supportive connection with visuals, so deep that it comes out even in his personal writing and in his production style.

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Leo’s productions include a wide range of music styles that share characteristic emphasizing the acoustic, timeless, and the sonically genuine. Everything is possible, whether it's a minimalistic singer songwriter folk pop or a large cinematic classical crossover.

His experience with large ensembles, including the London Philharmonia and the San Diego Symphony, as well as working on some of the biggest studios in the world such as Air Studios in Lyndhurst London, Eastwest and Capitol Studios in Los Angeles, and Fonoprint in Bologna has imparted on him the relevant sensibility on all matters acoustic.

Leo has had the good fortune (and still does) to collaborate with international musicians such as Tina Guo, Matt Chamberlain, Eric Rigler, Gavino Murgia, Pete Korpela, Gina Luciani, Molly Rogers, Sean Hurley, and Hugh Webb.

Leo plays piano, keyboards, percussion, and programs, arranges and mixes his productions.